Need A Consistent Pipeline Of High Quality, Fresh Leads Coming Into Your Business Every Week?

Getting good leads is hard.  With AlwaysLeads, you'll have an automated reliable way to get 15 to 35+ quality conversations started on LinkedIn, with people interested in you and your offer.  Our Customers Sell More and Achieve Success with Less Stress.

What Our Service Provides

#1 Profile Overhaul

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as a website a landing page, a sales letter and a first needs to be great!   This is optional, but if you let us, we'll write / rewrite you profile to serve all of those purposes.  We'll clearly state the problem you solve, who you solve it for and what to do next.  People will often view your profile when you reach out. This is key to getting the conversation started. Prospects need to know immediately you can help them.

We can also add a professional head shot (supplied by you) and a booking calendar link (if you have one).

#2 Build A Target Audience

LinkedIn offers some very advanced and in depth targeting options. Tell us who your ideal prospect is, their position, company size, location, industry etc., and we will build a targeted list that match your criteria.  In some cases we may use proprietary databases outside of LinkedIn to find your ideal targeted candidate.

People often ask us what constitutes a "Qualified" lead. The answer is somebody who matches the criteria you have provided, is interested in your offer enough to reached out to you to ask a question or start a conversation.   It starts when we build your perfect audience.

#3 Write Your Messaging

This is a key!    In your LinkedIn messaging and in 3 to 8 follow-up emails, you need to be be warm and friendly, but to the point.  We have proven templates for several industries that we'll adopt to your particular business and market.   Working with you, we'll keep modifying your message and offer until we've optimized it and we're getting the best results we can!

#4 Connect With Target Audience

We will reach out to scores of your ideal prospects every day and connect with them on your behalf. If they accept the connection request we will then send them a short message asking if they are potentially interested in your services.

If the prospect replies with interest then it's over to you to carry on the conversation. If they do not reply, we will continue to send them "soft" messages for up to 60 days to ignite the conversation. You can optionally extend this indefinitely or until they opt-out.

In most industries, this will realistically produce 4-6 interested prospects every week.

#5 Build Your List and Follow Up

The money is in the Follow Up!  When a prospect connects on LinkedIn, we are able to add their email to and email auto-responder and follow up for at least 60 days--more if you provide or contract us for additional content.  We use a hybrid, Gmail based system that has higher deliverability, open and response rates than any email marketing system you've ever tried. Your emails appear warm and personal, unlike a mass email.

This not only increases immediate response rates but also builds a long term asset for your business.  Imagine adding 200-500 emails to your list every month!


30+ Day Money Back Guarantee

If we don’t supply you with at least 15-25 interested, conversational leads in your first 30 days, or your not happy, let us know and we’ll refine your messaging and targeting till it’s working, or refund 100% of your investment back, at your option.  (You should expect substantially more, especially after your first month.  We also have higher level subscription guarantees too.)  Also, if we don’t deliver the number of leads you signed up for in subsequent months, we’ll credit or refund you the difference.

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Sample Results

Some of our FAQ's.

  • q-iconHow does AlwaysLeads work?

    We have a hybrid method of getting conversations started through LinkedIn, private  databases, and nurturing connections via “warm” emails.  On your LinkedIn account, we send out scores of connection requests daily, followed by consistent, proven messaging.  Everything is done for you to start a conversation (then it’s up to you).


  • q-iconDo I need a LinkedIn Premium Account?

    Yes, you’ll  need a premium “Sales” LinkedIn account with “Sales Navigator.”  This allows us to create custom targeting that will build your audience into a list that we can reach out to.  We will professionally re-write your profile and banner.
  • q-iconHow quickly can I get leads or "conversations"?

    We usually get you setup within 3-4 working days and turn on your campaign.  Then, with some fine-tuning on our part,  your conversations will start flowing and increasing in a steady stream, week after week.
  • q-iconHow many leads or "conversations" can I expect?

    You can expect a guaranteed minimum of 15 and up to 40+ sales inquiries or conversations per month, less to start, more with time, depending on your market and the strength of your offer, and your subscription level.
  • q-iconWhat are the quality of the leads?

    These leads are people who a) you’ve targeted by industry, title, company size, geography, etc.  b) Have connected with you on LinkedIn,  c) are interested in your offer and  d) have reached out to you to ask a question or start a conversation regarding your offer.  Therefore, these are really super-qualified leads!
  • q-iconCan I get leads for my sales team?

    Yes, we offer discounts for each member of your sales team and additional LinkedIn profiles provided it covers the same offer and messaging.
  • q-iconIsn't it SPAM to message people on LinkedIn?

    Not if you ask the right people, the right (succinct & friendly) way.   LinkedIn is a place to do business and business people appreciate a relevant offer from a connection.   Our proven templates get results.  We also use proven warm email messages that get opened and minimize messaging on LinkedIn.
  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    We guarantee that our leads will be worth every penny you spend, or your money back during your trial period.   We have a couple tiers for our subscription. This is by far the most cost-effective way to get quality B2B leads.  Please click the green button to get a quote!
  • q-iconHow will you know how many leads I get?

    We’ll keep an eye on the number of connections and positive interest responses in your LinkedIn Inbox, and in a separate Gmail account we set up. If we start falling short, we’ll continue to collaborate with you to tweak your messaging and targeting.  You’ll get a monthly report, or you can do your own audit and/or let us know if you’re not happy with the number or quality of leads.
  • q-iconHow does the guarantee work? Is it really free if it falls short?

    You can cancel and get a full refund on your first 30 days, or at your option, get a pro-rated discount if we miss the monthly guaranteed number of conversational leads at any time. (We have different subscription levels.) We take all the risk so your success is our success.
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